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Giantex Bird Cage

This iron steel bird cage is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your home with its stylish design and luxurious materials. This bird cage is perfect for osprey animals or birds that are looking for a bit more space to expand their environment. This giantex bird cage comes with an iron stand and rolling stand which makes it easy to move your bird about in your home. Plus, the lovebird vinyl parakeetapult is perfect for using as an accessible space for training and development.

Snap'y Fit Water and Food Bowl, 20 oz.

Snap'y Fit Water and Food Bowl, 20 oz.

By Midwest Homes For Pets

USD $8.50

Buy Giantex Bird Cage

This is a giantex bird cages best buy. This item can fit up to a large bird with ease. The powerful wheels and protection from the sun make it perfect for portable use. The cordoned offdrawer means that there is no more deducting from your budget.
this giantex bird cage is perfect for a giant parrot or cockatiel. It is a large size and makes a great pet bird. It has an top-quality construction and you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality product. The iron stand is also a great addition to this cage, making it easy to clean.
the giantex bird cage is perfect for your giant parrot! This cage is made with in 12 inch thickminsterosit.